Do You Want To Invest 

The Right Way In 2019?

Do you want to make your money grow, earn passive income from dividends, and create freedom in your life?

If so, I have something for you...


Freedom with 

Dividends (VERSION 2.0)

Learn how to invest in dividend growth stocks using a proven, step-by-step method

  • ...WITHOUT high-risk trading (which is basically gambling)
  • ...WITHOUT the stress of picking the wrong stocks and over-paying for them
  • ...WITHOUT any previous knowledge - super beginner friendly

I'm looking for 10 Founding members

Before its official launch in April 2019, I'll be taking 10 founding members through a 6-week coaching program.

10 people will get bespoke coaching and early access to the course at the lowest price it'll ever be... it will help me to ensure it's the best investing course out there and it answers all your questions.

It's a win-win situation! :)

As a founding member, you'll take a big step to reach your goals and you'll learn vital, life-long skills:

  • How to pick the best and safest stocks to buy
  • How to analyze and filter through companies + how to properly diversify
  • How to calculate a stock's fair price and get great deals
  • How to choose the best investing platform for you (brokerage account)
  • The entire step-by-step method that you can just replicate (you can actually watch me buy stocks with my own money...)
  • And much more...

Here's How It'll Work:

  • 1
    First, we'll schedule a quick 1:1 call over Skype (or Zoom) where I'll find out where you are at and how I can best help you
  • 2
    You'll get access to a new course module every week (6 modules in total)
  • 3
    Each week, we'll have a group coaching call with all the founding members where I'll help you to really understand the week's module & answer all your questions
  • 4
    After the 6 weeks, we'll have a longer 1:1 call (1 hour) where I'll recommend your next steps on your journey to becoming a successful investor
  • 5
    You'll have lifetime access to Freedom with Dividends as well as The Stock Vault (including all future updates)

Here's Who Should NOT

Apply For This Program

  • Investing is a long game which works wonderfully when done properly. But it takes time and patience. I'll teach you how to do it properly in the course, but understand that it's not quick.
  • There are some things that must be done before investing which are more pressing... Eliminating  high-interest debt and saving at least 3 month's worth of expenses are the first steps. Freedom with Dividends assumes your finances are mostly in order. They don't have to be perfect, but you need to at least have some money to invest.

This Is A VERY Limited Offer

You'll never get this offer for such a small price again. From April, this coaching + course package will cost $399...

Until the 8th March, it's only $97

Secure Your Spot Today!

If you're the right person, I will personally coach you to learn a skill which can literally transform your life - I'm not even really is that powerful! The days of worrying about money and retirement could soon be behind you...

But remember, this offer is only available until the 8th of March 2019 at 23:59 EST - or until 10 people have joined (I just don't have time to coach any more...)

If you've been on the fence about investing in dividend growth stocks, this could be your chance...

The choice is yours :)