15 Facts

This is what you should know about me.


Think of this like going for a beer with me... or your preferred, possibly alcoholic beverage.

By this point we've already been to the bar and got our drinks.
(Don't worry, this round's on me!)

We've been talking for a while and I've just told you about my origin story.

It's all been serious stuff... 

Money, jobs, life purpose, financial independence...

Which means it's time to tell you some (possibly fun) facts about me!

Fact #1

I love films.

Seriously, if I had it my way I would watch a film every single day. Then, maybe, I'd get through all the movies I wanna watch in my life.

I've watched over half of the IMDb Top 250 movies.

Some of my faves: 

  • Fight Club
  • 12 Angry Men 
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • The Incredibles
  • Aliens
  • Pulp Fiction

Fact #2

I bought a pair of hair clippers in 2010 and vowed to never pay to have my hair cut again. 

I've since failed, having paid for 3 or 4...

Still,I've saved so much money... at the expense of great hair! haha.

Fact #3

I love football (you Americans call it soccer...) and I'm a fierce supporter of F.C. Barcelona.

Messi is my idol, naturally.

This goal by Iniesta in 2009 was one of the best moments of my life. It was a last minute screamer that took us straight to the Champions League final - which we also won!

​​​​Fact #4

Favourite meals, in order:

  1. Pizza
  2. Homemade Fajitas/tacos/burritos - they're interchangeable.
  3. Lasagna
  4. Chicken Caesar salad
  5. A good steak

Fact #5

I used to own a really fast car. It was a Ford Fiesta ST.

​​​​It was quick: 182 bhp, 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

Then I sold it and got a slower, more reasonable car and saved a bunch of money!

​​​​Fact #6

I love bodybuilding. 

Yeah, it's only lifting heavy weights just to put them down again, but it's amazing how it - coupled with proper nutrition - can mold one's body!

I plan on weightlifting for the rest of my life.

Fact #7

I've been playing videogames all my life and I thought I'd stop as an adult. To my surprise, I still play games most days!

I built a gaming PC myself, which was basically like playing Lego. It was way easier that I expected...


I recently bought myself an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and have glimpsed the future of entertainment.

Seriously... try VR.

Fact #8

I was born in Barcelona in 1988.

After a 9-year stint in the UK, I moved back here.

Barcelona is synonymous with sun, beach, mountains, culture and great food.

If you're ever around, hit me up!

Fact #9

I make a mean Gin Tonic - and I don't even like them!

The trick is to swirl ice around the glass to it's all nice and cool. Then rub a lemon peel round the rim of the glass.

Throw a couple more peels, add gin, tonic, and voila!

Fact #10

I trained myself to like beer when I was 18...

I was getting ready to go to university and wanted to fit in! It's kinda embarrassing looking back...

I drank a bottle of beer every night for an entire summer. Went from hating it to not minding it. I call that a success!

Right now I love it - especially an ice cold Estrella Damm on a hot summer's day...

They also make great adverts/ short movies. Here's one they made last year with Peter Dinklage. So good!

Fact #11

My dad was an investment fund manager for over 30 years. So I grew up knowing that the stock market was an incredible way to make your money grow.

We're actually writing a book together! He has so many stories and experience that it wouldn't be fair not to share it with the world! 

I'll keep you updated ;)

Fact #12

I have a dog. His name is Whiskey. He's adorable.

Having a dog had always been a dream of mine, which I've now been able to make a reality because of my business and the passive income I earn. :D

Fact #13

I've had 3 jobs in my life.

I left one, was made redundant from another and was fired from the last one - I talk about it here.

Fact #14

I lived in Manchester for an entire year without owning an umbrella...

Not my smartest moment. It rains there...

A lot.

Fact #15

There is nothing better in the world than chilling on the sofa on a Friday night.

Pizza, beer, good company and a great movie.


Oh man - look at the time!

Well, this has been fun - let's do it again sometime, yeah? 


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