Are you wasting the best years of your life?

If you feel stuck in a job you hate and wish there was another way to live, you've come to the right place.

There is an alternative way to live and to reclaim your time.

What Escaping to Freedom is About...

Earning More Money

Whether you want to replace your full-time income or make some extra cash on the side, starting and growing an online business is the way to go. 

You will do something you're truly passionate about while speeding up your way to financial independence.

Happiness - Focused Saving

This website isn't about pinching pennies and scarcity. It's about spending to maximise happiness. 

You will learn to trim the unnecessary, be happier with less, and save your way to freedom.

Making Your Money Work

Rather than keep all your money under the mattress, you should make it grow and work for you.

By learning how to intelligently invest your money, you'll make it work so that, one day, you won't have to.

Hello! My name is Ricard Torres

Back in 2014 I realised that my corporate-job life wasn't making me happy. 

From the outside, I appeared successful. I had a great career ahead of me with a great salary. I was able to afford a sports car, fancy holidays and the newest gadgets.

The problem was that I wasn't fulfilled, and I felt that I was wasting my life doing something that I didn't like. Just for money.​

I needed to find another way to live life - one with more time to spend with my loved ones and to do the things that made me happy.

I want to share what I've learned with you.

By sharing my own journey with you, it'll help you to get on the road to financial freedom while avoiding all the mistakes and roadblocks that I've been through.

If this sounds like a journey you know you should embark on, make sure you enter your information below to get started!

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